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Shoe Game

Materials Needed Music (music must be loud, game gets loud and people need to hear it stop) Directions This is probably one of the greatest games for retreat type atmosphere when you need to lighten things up a little bit.  To start have group of between 6-8 people form a circle.  You can just have […]

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This Is So Much Fun - Youth Ministry Game

Game: This Is So Much Fun

This is a hilarious youth ministry game that someone showed me this last summer at camp.  You need NO supplies and can do it with two people or 100 people.  I found a pretty humorous video on YouTube of two guys who explain the game well.  This is a different variation from what I saw, […]

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Game: Bigger or Better

This is a community youth ministry game where the youth will be going door to door.  It is best to send the kids in groups and have an adult with each group.  It is very simple. Start everyone at the parish with a small item like a rubberband or paper clip.  Give them one hour […]

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Bunny Bunny Toki Toki - Catholic Youth Ministry Game

Game: Bunny Bunny Toki Toki

I was in a meeting this past summer at one of summer missionary training times and heard a crazy game going on outside.  When I walked out and watched them, they were playing this game.  Before I even give the instructions, the reason I love this game is because there is so much energy that […]

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Game: Circle Pass

Found another quick and easy youth ministry game on YouTube.  The directions are very simple.  Find a hula hoop or something like it.  Have a group of youth join hands.  When you say go, they have to pass the hula hoop around the entire circle without letting go. Watch the video for a good example […]

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Pin Guard | Youth Ministry Game

Game: Pin Guard

I am coming to the realization that the game that our youth group played more than anything is not well known by other youth leaders.  Luckily I have a platform to tell the world about it.  So here it is! Pin Guard = Dodgeball With Pins It really is that simple.  If you know how […]

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Icebreaker: Banana Pass

This is pretty clever youth ministry icebreaker that I found while searching YouTube for some ideas. Icebreaker Instructions Have two or more teams.  Have them lie down on their backs in a long line (one persons head at the other persons feet).  The person at the front starts with a banana in between their feet […]

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