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Mascot Youth Group Scavenger Hunt

Mascot Scavenger Hunt

This youth group scavenger hunt is much like those shows you see on T.V. where a mascot appears or is found in weird places around the world.  The youth group will make their own mascot out of paper and pens (or more stuff if you want to get really creative) and then they will take […]

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Texting Scavenger Hunt

This game lasted about two hours and was great for high school and junior high! I found a game link this and adjusted it to make it a bit more fun and added a couple little twists to it. In a nutshell, the entire hunt is done through texting. Youth are given one task at […]

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Scavenger Hunt

A great scavenger hunt that includes finding things, taking pictures, and recording videos. Open Scavenger Hunt (.pdf) Want another one? Get another totally different Scavenger Hunt backstage! Have a Backstage Pass?  Download Here

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